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GoPro 9 Black SD Card Error

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Bought and received my camera on tuesday night. Took some videos with an sandisk 256 u3 v30 and now I'm receiving an SD error message and is asking me to format my sd card. I will lose all my vacation footage and this is unacceptable. Looked up this error in the gopro forum and seems to be a recurring issue for many people.
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Re: GoPro 9 Black SD Card Error

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Buy a Samsung SD card.
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Re: GoPro 9 Black SD Card Error

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Yes it's a common problem and I keep giving people the same advice (and those that follow it don't report any more issues).


1:  Take that card out of your camera, put it into a PC with and SD card reader and see if you can back up your video's.  Do not format the card as this will erase all data.


2:  Buy a Samsung Evo card, they seem to work a heck of a lot better and it's very rare that this issue will occur.


I give advice to people on how to fix this issue with other cards, but with the Sandisk cards, its a re-occuring nightmare and the advice may not work.



Are you fed up with your GoPro locking up, freezing and refusing to record video? Your issue may not be with the camera, but simply with a corrupt SD card. ...