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GoPro 8 water damage

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Hi there,

I recently pourchased a GoPro 8 and tried using it yesterday underwater (a few feet down around a swimiing hole for about 5 minutes). When I brought the camera back up to the surface it had turned itsefl off. When I tired to turn it on I got no response. I opened the battery door and saw a few droplets of water inside. Not a lot, but diffently some leaked in. There was water around the SD card as well. I tried drying the camera out in the sun, but when I turned it on again I noticed water in the front B&W screen and some inside the lens. The touch screen has spotty responsivness if anythign at all, and the camera iniitiates actions without being propmpted, including turning itself on, recording in time lapse, trying to delete files, etc.


I bought the camera in part becaus it is wateproof to 10 meters. When I looked online about this issue I discovered others had the same water leak issue as mine, I truly hope GoPro can provide a working camera to its customers. This is the 5th GoPro I've owned - I've never had a defective unit.


Please help. I was planning an expedition trip 7/29 and would like a working camera before then, or my money refunded asap. What will GoPro do to addrress this issue? At this pount my $300 investment is a paperweight after only using a few times. The attached photo clearly shows the moisture inside the camera.


Thank you! I would appreciate a quick response.


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Re: GoPro 8 water damage

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this is the internet you can always find how to contact gopro at the bottom of the page.  Even the smartphone gopro app by the gear/get support and scrolling.  you knew (1).gif

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Re: GoPro 8 water damage

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Hello @fireypike75161


So long as the camera door is closed, the HERO8 Black is waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing.
Let our Support Team take a look at what happened. 
You may reach out to them through