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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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@spiryrange63110 this is exactly what my GoPro Hero 7 started doing right after an update and when it did there was nothing I could do to get it unlocked.  What I did to stop it was remove the battery.  Up to that update, my H7 was working fine other than a random shut down between 6 secs and 27 mins, the likes of which was random with the odd occassion it would run almost an hour, very odd occassion (like 1 out of 20 videos . . oddly enough, when it was raining and I was filming and I would have been fine had it stopped so I could get out of the rain).  :-)  When I contacted support about the matter they said I shouldn't be pulling the battery out but alas had I not when I did the camera got so hot it eventually shut itself down and/or the battery died.  So, this would be my suggestion . . . remove the battery and count to 10 or 20 before reinserting or if you haven't had the thing long, take it back as defective and get another one.

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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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To be perfectly clear. When HERO7 came out I purchased three of them. I have one to my brother in law, one to my son, and one I kept. My next door neighbor whom I surf and mountain bike with, also purchased a HERO7 Black. (I also got my youngest son a HERO7 White, BTW). Three of my very close colleagues from work also purchased Hero 7 black with one getting it with the GoPro Karma. NOT ONE of any of these cameras have issues. I also frequently meet people surfing and mountain biking who use HERO7 Black and all appear to love the camera and none have expressed any issues. The limited issues I did have where all resolved (as I explained above). I still think it's a fantastic camera and highly recommend it. The only reason I suggest the HERO8 over the HERO7 is because the HERO8 is a superior camera due to the FEATURES. It also just so happens that the HERO8 is very stable. Considering it is on the release firmware, I am very impressed.

With just about any tech (phones, cameras, drones, TVs, Computers, ...) You will find people reporting issues. I have very little faith in some of these YouTube videos, but I do know what I know, and that is one simple fact. The HERO8 is an amazing camera and I'm very happy that I purchased one.

I spend my hard earned money on these cameras. I don't own GoPro stock and I have no affiliation with GoPro anymore than you do. If I had issues, I don't have any motivating factors that would prevent me from sharing them (in fact I have reported my issues with several GoPro cameras and software over the years). I think my very first post was reporting issues with GoPro Studio. I've also talked at great length about how I think the HERO3 (NOT 3+, which is one of the best GoPro cameras) is the worst HERO Black camera ever made by GoPro. IMO, that camera was trash. However, there are plenty of people who praise the HERO3 as one of the best GoPro cameras. Obviously it's about personal experience and perspective. Perhaps you feel about the HERO7 like I feel about the HERO3. That doesn't mean your right about the HERO7 anymore than I am about the HERO3. For those that like/love the HERO3, I don't go out of my way to tear them down, insult them, or try to impugn their character. If someone who stated that they liked the HERO3 began praising the HERO4, would that then mean they were lying about the HERO3? If course not.

Believe what you want to believe, I could care less.
Buy or don't buy the HERO8, I kinda hope you don't, but it absolutely doesn't matter to me. Go get a pretend action camera like the DJI Osmo. Why would I care?

I only respond to offer a different perspective for the benefit of others who might easily be swayed by a monitory of disgruntled people. Of course, since it is a "Support" forum, the people coming here with issues are the majority, but they do not represent the majority of camera owners.
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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 Get the Plus program and all your troubles will be taken care of. 




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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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excepted if the camera i have is the exact copy of the one i will receive no?


About the pilots i know using the GP7, they got the same problem.

Some called the support, tried to apply the new firmware,

changed the sd card...

Yes Daniel i understand that most probably we don't have the same

use of this camera and that's probably the reason some are happy and others not: i am using external battery on my helmet when i fly with

paragliding and  i need to film several hours without crash,

without being able to manipulate anything.


well i will have all the winter to choose my new camera now.


if someone want to test the Hero8, there is a very easy

test: try to use it at 4k 60fps protune highly stabilised

during 2 or 3 hours without interruption in a closed car filming outside when

driving for example.

I would be interrested to know if the H8

can do that without shutting down...

we'll see in the forums very soon for sure.










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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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Well i just booked a new Hero 8 at the end...

I will do the tests myself as i am not sure about the very positives attitudes of some answers here.


It is lovely to see the so positives points each time onto the last model...


Count on me to make a video explaining any problem i can have.

I will do also very nice videos if indeed it is now very stable. I will let you know.


But i can see today another guy complaining (so early for such a new camera!!!)

I hope i didn't do a mistake... again... :-(

GoPro #GoProHero8 #GoPro8Would you travel with just one camera that's unreliable and known for crashing and freezing, resulting in losing memorable footage?...
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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when you're right no one will complain to you .


Peace FISH