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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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The juxtaposition of your experience (and your friends) and that shared by FISH (and others) with Osmo Action is a good example of why you shouldn't jump into a post (about a camera you have NO experience with) and offer up the advice to, " pack it up and return it".

You do realize that:
1) This post is regarding the HERO8
2) It was regarding a very specific use case
3) The OP resolved the issue WITHOUT following any of your suggestions
4) You have completely highjacked this post and made it about you and your experience with DIFFERENT cameras
5) The, now several pages long, responses by a very limited amount people (two who adamantly are proposing different opinions), is exactly how people get the wrong impression about a camera's performance.

This post, about HERO8 (NOT HERO7 OR OSMO ACTION), is currently 4 pages long, but only has a few people involved in the discussion. The OP (The person who actually had the issue), isn't actively involved in the discussion anymore and reported solving their issue. Almost all people (except maybe four or five frequent visitors) to this forum are people who come here with a perceived issue (some real, some just user error). Anyone coming here to the forum and seeing 4+ pages of discussion on this topic (GoPro 8 stops recording on its own), for example, could easily get the impression that there are many people having this issue. The reality however is this: One person reported an issue and that person solved it. If you @drdimento want to continue discussing the merits of owning a different brand over GoPro, fine. But, you really should be doing it in somewhere else (a. A new post of your own, b. In a Group discussion, or c. On that brands forum). I'm not looking for a response. Please DON'T reply. This entire thread has become about YOU, and it shouldn't be. Again, this post was created by the OP about a specific issue and a specific camera. The OP solved their issue. Take your discussion elsewhere please.
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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Well on my side i sold my hero 7 Black.

You are true about your message Daniel.

As you know it i have been very disapointed by the previous Hero7 black camera and i even sold it...


I still have a look on the other brandt AND on gopro.


I always try to be honest in my mind to choose the best product.


We already had discussions here about the previous model and you always said that everything is fine (when it is clearly not the case for many users)


I am surprise that some answers can still be:

* percentage of people unhappy is not so important. (euhhh what is the point? if something is wrong you mean that it is not needed to 

solve the problem? Or do you mean that these people are wrong? Or these camera are differents? ????

* check the SD card (ok done and tryied many of them, 256 GB, very recent, several of them)

* the camera is probably hot (strange that even on the manual we can see such remark! ok if too hot, then stop it a little bit...



About the 8 as it is the subject, I will follow the subject and see what are the news arguments.

I can already see this video bellow on the web, do you have an answer for him?

I guess everyone that as this kind of problem will not take the time to edit a video on it and share it, so we can think that some other people have the same problems right?


Well i will follow the answers, hoping that it will be something different than "check the card, check the temperature, ..."

well if we need to check the temperature also on the 8 at least i will know that the 8 have also temperature problems... we'll see.

Hope this model will be more stable. I think a lot of people will wait before buying now, watching the problems encounterd by users... at least i am waiting...

GoPro Hero8 Black at Amazon-com: Hero8 Black at Amazon-co-uk: and peripherals at Amazon-com: https...
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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@spiryrange63110   I mention you so that @danielr15  and @drdimento  can understand  David_Harry  came  from a DJI OSmo Pocket and a DJI Osmo Action, He complained about the CYNOVA mic adapter that DJI came out with and purchased a hero 8 andstill complains about the coloring or should I change the word complain to "pulmonary tests"  may used the wrong word as I am drinking coffee lol 


 Since the Adminstrator and Moderator DELETED posts  Sat -through- Sunday are gone as well others I bet.


If we look back at the main post




I was recording a lecture and my new gopro8 stopped recording after about 60 minutes without my command to stop. I had it connected to a powerpack so battery was not an issue. I also have a 256Gb data card so have plenty of space. I also had the turn off setting set to never.


Any idea why?


This comes down to the User not knowing his or her camera clear as day.  Key word here is "Powerpack"    


Noted on page  no pages mention USB external Power at all (unless I missed it)


Page 94


A low battery message will appear on the touch screen when the battery
charge drops below 10%. If the charge runs out while recording video,
your camera will stop recording, save the video, and turn itself off.


Page 105


Battery information

Here are some things you can do to maximize battery life:
• Capture video at lower frame rates and resolutions.
• Use the Screensaver and lower the screen Brightness.
• Turn off GPS.
• Turn off Wireless Connections.
• Use these settings:
• QuikCapture (page 35)
• Auto Power Off (page 87).
You can use the USB-C cable that came with your HERO8 Black to shoot
videos and photos while your camera is plugged in to a USB-charging
adapter, the GoPro Supercharger, another GoPro charger, or the
GoPro Portable Power Pack. This is perfect for capturing long videos
and time lapse events.
Even though your camera is charging, the battery will not charge during
recording. It will start charging when you stop recording. You cannot
record while your camera is plugged into a computer.
Heads Up: Because the door is open, your camera is not waterproof
when charging.


PRO TIP: There’s an easy way to check your battery’s status and make
sure you’re using the right one.
1. Swipe down to access the Dashboard.
2. Tap Preferences > About > Battery Info.


Oh by all meanss this is an Important messege  of gopro on page 93


Important messeges:


Problems are rare, but HERO8 Black will let you know if anything comes
up. Here are some of the messages you might see.
The Temperature icon appears on the touch screen if your camera
becomes too hot and needs to cool down. Your camera was designed
to recognize when it’s at risk of overheating and will shut down when
needed. Simply let it sit and cool before using it again.
Heads Up: The operating ambient temperature range of your
HERO8 Black is 14° F ~ 95° F (10° C ~ 35° C). High temperatures will
cause your camera to use more power and drain the battery faster.
PRO TIP: Shooting video at a high resolution and frame rate will also
cause your camera to heat up faster, especially in hot environments.
Try switching to a lower resolution and frame rate to lower the risk
of overheating your GoPro.


When I comment, I offer my Opinion, and I will,  I hope we all learned from this Post, the USER incorrectly used his camera, and now knows to remove the Battery, to achiever unlimited record time if IF no other troubles come about.


NO one reads a Manual. and gopro needs to put in what no one reads more info .

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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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Yeah, I saw that video. It very well could be that he got a camera with a manufacturer defect. It could also be the SD card (they really do matter and no two cards are exactly alike). Or, it just could be a bug in the firmware that GoPro needs to iron out. It's pretty much expected in ALL tech that the first release will have a bug or two that doesn't get identified until there are many cameras in the wild. What I can say for my HERO8 Black is that I've yet to experience any issues, not one, not even a minor delay in starting up, stutter on the LCD, unusual battery drain, crash, overheat, sd error, ... Nothing, not one issue. I've been using my HERO8 almost daily surfing, filming my kids, and just messing around with different settings. I've been going through at least one full battery and around 32-64 GB of data a day and sometimes two full batteries and a couple SD cards. I've been using the Lexar 677X 64 GB card in the HERO8.

I've previously documented issues that I had with the HERO7, especially freezing. I also noted when I had the red line appear and also battery drain. The battery drain seemed to resolve after several discharge/recharges, but since there were also firmware updates, I can't definitevely say if it was the battery cycles or the firmware updates that solved the issue for me. I've seen a few people post the battery drain with the latest firmware, so I'm leaning more toward the battery cycles.

I've had camera freezing on my HERO7 Black. I've stated this several times. For me, it turned out to be one (actually I've identified two now) SanDisk Extreme v30 64GB (and now a 32GB) card. I have five SanDisk Extreme v30 64GB cards (and two 32GB). Of the five, four work great and give me no issues. However, one 64GB card will consistently cause my HERO7 to freeze (usually after about 20 minutes of use). Because of my experience, does it not make sense to you that I would recommend to people to try a different card?

Furthermore, I never use cards with storage greater than 64 GB. Nothing to do with GoPro, it's just that 128 GB and 256 GB tend to have lower performance and higher chance of error. Since I also ALWAYS recommend formatting the card in camera prior to starting a days recording (and offloading your media when done), there are only a few use cases where having a high capacity card makes sense. I don't require it, so I don't waste my money on them.

The camera getting hot is normal. It's not an issue. Getting hot and shutting down may, or may not, be an issue. It depends on how it was used and the environmental variables. I have a HERO5 Session that when it records for more than 30 minutes continuously gets so hot it's hard to handle. If you touch the front lens or the area surrounding the front lens, it is scalding hot. However, the camera is now over three years old and still works fine. Currently I have it mounted in my car as a Dashcam.

I've only had a GoPro shut down once from overheating (HERO3 Black), but I generally don't do long continuous video recordings. I've done some long drives and a few events where I had the cameras recording video for well over an hour, but of course I've taken the necessary precautions when I did. I've also had my cameras do continuous recordings accidentally where they either recorded until the SD filled or the battery died. It was only the HERO3 Black the overheated, but those were the early days when I didn't know to remove the battery when using external power and I was using a SanDisk Ultra (so it could have been either/or both that caused the overheat).

The point about people happy/unhappy isn't to say that those with legitimate issues aren't serious or unfortunate. I feel terrible for these people as I'm sure they were very excited to get the camera and devastated to have an issue. Many times the issue is SD card, Firmware, or user error. Other times it is in fact the camera. Of course, this is also why I've always recommended to people to contact GoPro support if their issue didn't get resolved by suggestions made here.

However, perspective is important. Take this post for example. It's 5+ pages long (probably 6+ after this lengthy response). At first glance, I'm sure anyone who saw it would make the false conclusion that there are MANY people having overheating issues with the HERO8. Is that true? No, not even close. In fact, the OP who presented the issue long ago stated that it is resolved.

Perfectly fine if you want to wait to see the response from people using the HERO8. So far, it's pretty clear on this site that there are not many issues. It appears there may be a compatibility issue with the GPS and Quik Desktop app and maybe Dashware, and a few people have noted a mysterious blue dot on the LCD. There was also some confusion as to the build quality of the new reinforced camera body. Other than that though, the forum has been far more quite than when HERO4, HERO5, HERO6, or HERO7 were released. It's a pretty good indicator of the quality and performance of the HERO8.

Will some bugs emerge? Most likely there will be a few. I will be seriously surprised if the only firmware releases are to improve performance without also squashing some bugs. However, with that being said, the HERO8 Black has been a pretty remarkable camera for me so far and I have absolutely no regret getting it.
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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People on this forum, were explaining us since end of August that Gopro 7 was with "nearly" no problem.

Now we can see that these same people recognised that there are problems for some people but

they are now saying: GO for the GoPro 8, there is NO Problem !

Yes I will wait, and i am sure a lot of these people unhappy will wait, with all the others listening in our clubs, friends, etc.

Well for sure if i sold my previous camera and if i am VERY unhappy it is not for no reason:

I did spend a lot of time trying many solutions , many SD Cards, different external batteries (Refuel frame and external batteries),

several modes...


Easy question:


If the 8 is now very stable (that is not what is saying the guy on the link on my previous post and neither by this angry guy here: ) and so the problem is now solved,

what's about the Hero 7 Black? I cannot see any new stable firmware? (I already tryied the 1.80 before selling it but it was even worse)



How ! I saw this argument in your message that i forgot yes:

The firmware!!!! :-D

If it is not working yes, probably these users did a big mistake when updating the firmware! :-D


I got manu Gopro since the 2 but... the last was really the worse stable and was really awfull for me.

Our community, sports clubs (paragliding) are discussing a lot about technical things like that, and not sure this is a good point at all.

Yes i will wait and see all the brand but i am not convinced yet... At all.

Let see but for sure i will not buy a new GoPro till these problems are still open.

Last week I made a video of my first impression of the gopro hero 8. The GoPro Hero 8 is plagued with overheating, crashing, lost footage, corrupt files, po...
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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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@spiryrange63110   eff this, eff that..  saw that clip.  Buffering.   the card used.  sorry its an excuse after excuse.    the camera  kept up till it  crashed and he lost his footage going up the steps.. He'll never buy a gopro again.


FW 1.80   if it is how we load up, then simply ask why gopro does not offer a service that you got an issue  with loading to load it for you?


Well my new one is PERFECT till it freezes, crashes  causes a glitch etc.  over a week two if not works quite well.    you still can get a hero 7 and revert back to  older firmware and  wait till the  Hero 12 comes out.. no pun I hope you get this sorted out.  Or get a DJI Osmo Action. and deal wit hthe processor  and its Latacy.  Man Love the gopro. but also like theDJI for other reasons.  

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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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@fishycomics  i disagree with what you said about the OP's comment about the thing shutting off in 60 mins.  This has situation has been a factor with GoPro Hero's 5, 6, and7, and why would it sound so off for it to be apparent in 8's?  The tests I've seen have confirmed the random "shut offs" on YouTube reviews.  Moreover, my personal experience duplicates what others, literally 100's or 1,000's have experienced and although @danielr15 believes I have hijacted this thread, I beg to differ with my esteemed collegue, as it was others who came back to me on my one post that prompted me to merely respond to their reponses.

BTW, sorry I haven't been around for a while I been busy letting my Canon's and one "other" camera (a name which I will not mention for fear of offending some) make $$$ for me.  :-)  . . . and again I will resound my earlier comment, my last GoPro (that I still have and use) is great for short B-roll clips (without fear of overheating and shutting off on its' own), like the most recent one I did with a national award winning "eight" rowing group from West Virginia, where I feared dropping my Canon HF400 and Canon M50 in the Ohio River when filming some nice low shots.  Had I had the "unnamed" cameras above, I would have strapped of them to one of the 50 or so female high school students and one to the boat for a long shot without fear of the thing shutting down, since my experience on my current "brand new" GoPro Hero 7 warrantly replacement has been "random shut downs" between 6 secs and 27 mins for each press of the record button . . in HD no less, using only approved cards and GoPro batteries as recommended from Day One. 

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Re: GoPro 8 stops recording on its own

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   @drdimento  you and I are not at the  camera on his lecture  watching it.   camera proformed as expected  did what it was told to work till battery exhausted.  Oh forgot he had a powerbank plugged in.  Sorry.   where am I wrong please want to hear it PLEASE play it in a tune that we all can hear.