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GoPro 8 - Underwater Terrible Quality

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I have experienced some really poor image quality shoting video underwater with a gopro hero 8. The quality got is far away from what I expected when I got the camera 2 months ago.


The settings of the camera are as follows: 4K 30fps, lineal, high hypersmooth (not boost), standard bit rate, ISO 100-1600, high sharpeness and flat color. The conditions were quite good with clear water and very good daylight.


The issues as you will see in the screenshots below are from blurry images to grainy and noisy areas in the footage.


Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue with the GoPro 8? Any ideas why this is happening? I haven't had the same problem outsite the water.






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Re: GoPro 8 - Underwater Terrible Quality

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Hello @adrianl25675. The camera may have a hard time focusing due to the minimal amount of light underwater.

If it also helps, I use my HERO8 Black underwater with Protective Housing and it helps improve the image quality.



Additionally, selecting "flat" will make the colors look washed-out. You can use this color setting if you plan to process the image later using video/image editing software.


Are you able to see the same image results when you preview the video directly in the camera? What about other devices like your mobile device?

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Re: GoPro 8 - Underwater Terrible Quality

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We have the same problem and we're very dissatisfied with the HERO8 compared to all the other Heros before this one. We have tried every setting possible. Are there any underwater videographers who have found the magic setting? We edit our videos so we set the camera to flat with ISO of 100 -400 and 1080 rate, EV -1, shutter auto. We wish we hadn't purchased this camera. The quality underwater is terrible. This video is unedited. When I tried to edit it, the graininess just increased. 

before edit.jpg
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Re: GoPro 8 - Underwater Terrible Quality

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do you use flat colours ?? and what mode on this pictures?