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GoPro 8 Settings

I am new to GoPro and I just got the Gopro 8. I am trying to figure out the settings to use after reading online and watching lots of videos but I just can't seem to be able to get the footage to look good with any settings.


These are just a few tests.


I tried it indoor at night with lights on and it looked like I had a candle instead of proper home lights. When turning iso up it would light up but it would look so grainy that you'd think it was filmed with a very old crappy phone. 


4k 30fps linear mode - tried all types of ISO and Shutter and white balance and everything on daylight and can't seem to make it work (it can be seen in tests how bright the light is). 


So mostly all my atempts at recording anything with it look more like a cheap surveilance camera with lots of grain and low quality.


Could anyone help me with some settings tips?

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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

I take it the problem is that you've seen some really AWESOME cinematic video clips online and no matter what you do, your video's just don't look like those ones?


So here's the issue:

All those video's you see online are shot by professionals.  They use filters, external lighting, and they are color corrected in post production to give them the best look possible, they are then converted to 24 FPS to give it that truely cinematic look.


The issues I'm seeing with your video's are as follows:

Shot in 30FPS or above (this gives the video that "soap opera" look).  You need to read about frame rates for this one.

No filters are being used.

No color correction is taking place via a video editor afterwards

With the indoor shots, you're not using any other lighting or flat panel lighting to give the shot enough illumination

Increasing the ISO with low lighting will indeed result in grain in your footage.

Your camera lens is dirty and looks like it's been handled a lot.  You need to keep it very very clean otherwise your shots will look hazy.  You also need to make sure you're cleaning the lens with a soft microfiber cloth and not using something like a tissue, kitchen towel or your t-shirt.  This will lead to scratching of the lens which will make your shots permenantly hazy.


Tips to improve your footage:

Learn about ND filters and their use.  This will help get rid of some of the sharpness at higher frame rates and introduce a bit of motion blur.

Get some good video editing software (Davinci Resolve 16 is free) and learn to use it.

Learn that slow-mo shots look cool, but after shooting, they footage needs to be converted to 24FPS to make it look like a cinematic slow-mo event.

Learn what your camera can and can't do (like it's inability to shoot cinematic looking video in low light conditions without any external lighting).


A lot of the pro users out there are actually leaving the camera in full auto as the Hero 8 does a great job at balancing the ISO and shutter speeds to match the scenario. 


The footage that you posted is good in the sense that you now know what didn't work well for you.  Keep expirimenting with the settings, heck, even keep notes and what settings you're using.  When you find one that works, save it as a preset for shooting later.


Finally..... get a 4 slice toaster, they are way more awesome.



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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

Thanks for the great advice.

I'm not really looking for cinematic quality. I'm just looking for decent looking raw footage without any lighting/post/filters.

For example when recording outside in 1080p in one of the youtube links it looks quite ok. When I switch to 4k with same ISO settings the sunlight goes crazy bright.

So was wondering if there are some basic settings that could help a bit since the auto settings are actually worse than what I've shown.

I'll keep messing around with the settings to see what works.
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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

Sorry to chime in late here. Check out Abe Kislevitz site he’s got a whole rundown on settings with explanations. Also I shot some video in 4K indoors and it was awesome quality, so I figure you just got to get your tweak on. And check out 180 degree rule too.
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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

Hello Happ New year everyone. I have some problem with gopry8. I use before GoPro 7 too but I didn't see this problem on it. GoPro 8 footage looks some jetory when moving the scenery's. And how I improve the video quality, like cinematic.
GoPro 8 footage :
GoPro 7 footage :
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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

think tonight I am going to set up this way. not sure if I am going t ouse Hypersmooth either, because it kills the shot.   but yeah no pro or ver get a pro shot Lol on this 1/2.3rd sensor camera.



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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

Por lo que veo con mi poca expeiencia con la hero 8, gopro no trabaja bien con isos altas, mete mucho ruido. Es importante ajustar la isla maxima lo mas baja posible. Yo siempre la tengo a 200 o 400 como mucho. Asi me aseguro que nunca trabajo a isos muy altas con mucho ruido.

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Re: GoPro 8 Settings

Got it @snowyhike61266




For now you can try to uninstall and reinstall the driver:

If that won't work, please contact GoPro customer support for assistance: