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GoPro 8 Reliability

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What about GoPro 8 reliability in comparison Hero7?

I've got a Hero 7, and sometimes it stops recording a video, sometimes just shuts down etc. It's just ruined about 2 hours of my travel videos recently.

Are these issues common to Hero 8, or it has become more stable?

I'm considering to buy a Hero8. But I'm afraid it would be the same story...
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Re: GoPro 8 Reliability

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Went to use quickcapture and seen it go off 15 min later my pocket is hot. I pressed mode off and 5 min later. Here I am showing you no one has this issue lol
If you have issues in Photo the Profile setting Nite setting the Shutter to a spacific setting. In this Prime example Photo Mode, Nite. Resolution, FOV ...
We all purchaed, removed a bat, never seen this issue. Amazes me.