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GoPro 8 Fingers Flex - Camera off center

I have my 8 connected to the shorty. with previous gopro's I could tighten the thumbscrew with just enough tension to change the angle of my gopro and still have it solid. now without torquing the thumbscrew with max force there is tons of left right rocking between fingers and shorty suppport. there is nothing that can be done. its a major product flaw that we can only hope that hypersmooth will correct. far worse than potential shake is that one cannot guarantee the gopro is level by any means. I have many many times had to eyeball the cam to be level because its so off center. 


Am I taking crazy pills? why isn't this breaking news on cnn. does it only happen with the shorty?


Sightseer posted about this 2 weeks ago and noone had a clue what he was talking about. 

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Re: GoPro 8 Fingers Flex - Camera off center

Hi @adroitsand74276,



I would suggest to contact GoPro customer support to report that.

They can check that for you.