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GoPro 8 Battery not charging

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We just received the brand new GoPro 8 Black.  However the batter is NOT charging.
We are about to leave for our 2 weeks vacation to Austrailia in 2 days.
What can we do??????????
can I stop by your store and get it exchagned???
Please call me ASAP

Insoo Lee

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Re: GoPro 8 Battery not charging

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You are on a Worldwide web and you knew that, not to post a North East Cellphone number up, talking to a One to One forum, that ofers Support,  YOu may now contact a Webhost Moderator, or report your Post in to remove any   Personal information off.  GoPro does not offer any  products on here to send they offer advice and can get in touch with you  via this post to simply send you or direct you to some Articles, and reps.


Did you Buy your camera at  B & H Photo?  Did you buy it Online, or at a Local Brick store.  


My suggestion is to    fiind a higher rated charger 2.0 or higher , never said to purchase, that will be all you, not me.  and charge the camera.     turn the camera On run the battery below 50%, recharge.  repeat 5 times.  you have  a good day  to do this, then simply grab your charger and   the next time everything will be smooth.  But remember you  are required to load FW 1.20 up anddo the   recycles.  I simply go through all the settings, learn them to run the camera down you got two weeks, if not stasfied and the issue is there , walk back to the store and exchange.