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Re: GoPro 7 double records video

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The admins give canned copy paste responses to your problem, showing they either didn't even read your question, or don't know the first thing about their own products.... 


then when I point that out, they edit my post and lock it. 




The guy said his camera was making two videos, and you blame his SD card again?!?! Every single person with a problem gets the same reply "Oh it must be your SD card!"


Then they mark the SD card comment as the solution. Wow.


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Re: GoPro 7 double records video

Probably because your answer is completely wrong. The camera does not make a HEVC and h.264 file when in HEVC+compatibility. What this mode means is that it will utilize h.264 in all modes that it can and only use HEVC in:
4K 60 fps 50 fps
4K (4:3) 30, 24 fps 25 fps
2.7K 120 fps 100 fps
2.7K (4:3) 60 fps 50 fps
1440p 120 fps 100 fps
1080p 240 fps 200 fps
960p 240 fps 200 fps

The other option is to record all resolutions/frame rates in HEVC.

More likely, the OP is transferring over the LRV and mp4 files (both of which will play the same video). Read about LRV files here

If this is not the case, then the issue is either with the way the files are being transfered to the device or with the recording medium (SD card).