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GoPro 7 botón

¿Le pasará algo a mi GoPro Hero 7 Black si le entra agua por el botón de encendido?
Del uso se ha ido desgastando y ya tiene un pequeño agujero dónde podría filtrarse el agua, pero no sé si este puede ser un problema a la hora de sumergirlo
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Re: GoPro 7 botón

Yes, you've certainly nailed the problem on the head right there.  Getting water inside your camera is a very bad thing indeed.  If you have concerned about water entry I suggest you buy a supersuit for your camera for added water protection.

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Re: GoPro 7 botón

Agree a super suit is now needed you can use   special aquarium selicon  not flex seal Lol but be advisable to get the suit, the micro switch can be seen and the  electronics are  exposed to the eliemnts now