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GoPro 7 Silver Crack

Hey All,

I used my GoPro on the beach in Jamaica for one afternoon, and was just floating in the ocean, taking random pictures. I took about 20 pictures, put the GoPro in it’s case, relaxed on the beach a bit more, then headed to the room. The next day, I took the camera out of the case to find a crack down the screen. I don’t use it for high impact sports, and never dropped it once!

This doesn’t instill confidence in a GoPro camera, if I’m being honest. I figure I’m screwed, since it’s a crack, and I bought the camera a few months in advance of a vacation, and didn’t use it until then.

If someone thinks support might be cooperative, I may give them a shot. Otherwise, I’ll probably get a different brand of waterproof camera for future use.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and experiences you’ve had would be appreciated!

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Re: GoPro 7 Silver Crack

Hi @lithecrest55237


Let our Support Team take a look at what happened and see what we can do to help you.

They are available by phone or chat through



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Re: GoPro 7 Silver Crack

If you d onot try, you never know.  what I see happening is we push dead center on the screen and that is where the break happened. you are to  push on the edges not center.  But if you  are afraid to send in for a new one you can always get a screen protector and nail polish glue   that will  enclose and protect your camera a screen protector will help protect you from the sliver of a asharp glass. something gopro does not want  for you to experience if asked. cut fingers?