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GoPro 7 Black video play back on choppy and glitchy 4k 60FPS

Hi I am having trouble with my go pro 7 black. Every time I use 4K 60fps and the go to my computer to view the footage it shows it choppy and glitchy. I even took the go pro back to the store and received a new and still getting to same issues. I am using a Imac that is update all the way and even downloaded the VLC. Even with the VLC the footage still apears to be choppy and glitchy. I am wondering is my go pro. I was super excited about it but not so much now. 

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Re: GoPro 7 Black video play back on choppy and glitchy 4k 60FPS

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Playback on the camera the video will be smooth. your computer lacks hte speed  ormemory and  graphics card why it stutters.  if you   go to the editor it will  also do the same if you  use full resolution.  SO it is not you, the camera but an older laptop.   check the specs  ofwhat is needed.  You can load to youtube and it will play perfect after its converted. so maybe you will have to lower your resolution to see if your machine can really handle HEVC as well H264/MP4