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GoPro 7 Black - battery not detected and dead pixel

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I purchased a new GoPro 7 Black yesterday.


  1. The battery delivered with the camera was not detected and is assumed defect. A replacement battery worked. 
  2. There's also a dead pixel in the upper left corner, please see image below. 
  3. The camera, at times, brings up an SD card error, but then works again. The SD card (SunDisk Extreme 32GB, part of a previosly purchased GoPro) has been formated and is working fine in a GoPro 5.

Please note that the GoPro has been updated to the latest firmware. 


The camera was purchased through a retailer (Torpedo 7) who is currently inverstingating the battery issue. However, I just noticed the dead pixel now. I'd like to think that the device can be returned under warranty. 






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Re: GoPro 7 Black - battery not detected and dead pixel

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  • The GoPro also doesn't turn off properly and beeps 6 times when trying to do so.
  • It does not react to voice commands, despite the fact the voice control is turned on. 
  • I tried updating manually to no avail. The results are still the same. 
  • I tried mutiple resets.  
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Re: GoPro 7 Black - battery not detected and dead pixel

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Contact the reseller  get a replacement.  why  get a warranty on a camera you just purchased?