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GoPro 7 Black another battery thread

I purchased a Gopro 7 black for Christmas- for the sole purpose of filming my daughter’s softball games.
This weekend was the first tournament. I have two GoPro branded batteries and 128g sd card.
i charge the batteries using the gopro branded dual battery charger.

-updated to the latest firmware
-Voice command is off.
-I keep wifi on.

The games are 75minutes long. i record only when my daughter is catching and batting.

Today i was only able to record a total time of 50 minutes. The first battery was at 97% when i turned on the unit. The second was dead when i put
it in. Both had been charged 48 hours earlier.

my issues other than being disappointed
1- i went trough one battery in less than 60 minutes
2- the second battery was doa after being charged 48 hour earlier and not stored in the camera.

what am i doing wrong? i can use an old iphone and record all day with 128g of ram.
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Re: GoPro 7 Black another battery thread

Depends on your resolution/frame rate and if you were using Quick capture. Having WiFi on consumes a considerable amount of battery power.

The second battery having no power is definitely not good. Especially if it wasn't plugged into the camera. If it was exposed to cold temperatures that night explain it. If not, then the battery is obviously having issues and probably needs to be exchanged.

Lithium batteries will generally drain some power and then hold at around 50-75% if not used for awhile. This is common for safety and to protect the battery. You should never store then at 100%. However, completely draining in two days without use it certainly not expected behavior. Extreme heat or cold temperatures can cause the batteries to drain without use, but I assume it was stored at room temperature. If this is the case, contact the GoPro Support Team or take it back to the store where you purchased it for an exchange.