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GoPro 7 Black WON'T CHARGE. Please help!

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Hello everyone,


I recently got a new GoPro 7 Hero Black. It is BRAND new. I began charging the GoPro with the computer overnight. Ended up going doing to 7%. Tried charging it on the outlet overnight-- 6%. Ended charging it WITHOUT the SD card. Nothing. I have already updated my GoPro, I tried it without the SD and there is no solution. Please help!

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Re: GoPro 7 Black WON'T CHARGE. Please help!

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Due to the low power nature of some laptop USB ports and some wall chargers, it's possible that your battery is draining faster than it is able to charge.  This is usually caused by having things like the WiFi and GPS enabled while trying to charge your camera.


You can find a complete guide to est practises for charging here:


Hopefully this will help.