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GoPro 6 firmware 1.6 Split Screen issue

Yes, you read it correct.

After I updated my failing v.1.51 to v.1.6 I tested camera indoor at home, and was excited to see issue has gone.

But very first actual field usage... bummer.

2.7k, 60fps, wide, pro tune off, stabilization on.

Got "floating" exposure/whitebalance split. All footage from that day has this.

Anybody else experience same?

I was waiting 2 months, being sure gopro will fix this firmware issue and such a present from GoPro :(




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Re: GoPro 6 firmware 1.6 Split Screen issue

Hi @greenstoke7886,


How were you able to update that firmware? Were there any issues with the update?


It may be useful to perform a manual update one more time:




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Re: GoPro 6 firmware 1.6 Split Screen issue

[ Edited ]

Updated via go pro app, nothing special with it, everything went smoothly during update and current version is 1.6.

Issue is different to what I had with previous firmware(frozen 1 side of video).

I may try manual update one time, but for now I stick to PAL  and have some great footage shot with my camera





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Re: GoPro 6 firmware 1.6 Split Screen issue

I have the exact same problem. It does't always happen just after start recording, sometimes the bug appears after a while. I updated to 1.6 via Quik Desktop App and then I updated manually to 1.6 firmware version after full formatting the SD card following the advices. I tried different Micro SD cards. Most of the videos recorded in 4K have this issue (Wide, PAL and NTSC). I always turn on stabilization (that's the main reason I bought the camera) and I also tried many combinatios of GPS ON/OFF, Voice recognition ON/OFF, WIFI ON/OFF and so on.