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GoPro 4 Silver HDMI output problem

Hello guys,

I have GoPro 4 Silver and Avermedia GL310 that for some reason don't wont to work together all the time. Very rarely after reconnecting the cable it might output but if i go to settings it will lose signal immediately. Comparing to when it's connected to a display directly, the display will show the settings as well.


So, basically:

1. The GoPro HDMI out works with HDMI display all the time at any settings even in the menus

2. The GoPro HDMI out doesn't work when connected to Avermedia GL310 regardless of resolution or other settings.

3. The GL310 works when i connect my other PC HDMI out to it without any problem all the time.


I have only 1 cable that i use for the GoPro (micro HDMI to HDMI 3m long). Since it works with display i am assuming the cable is not the problem.


Does anyone have any experience with an issue like this?

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Re: GoPro 4 Silver HDMI output problem

If someone is having a similar issue, I replaced the cable with more expensive one and now have no problems.

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Re: GoPro 4 Silver HDMI output problem

Thanks for the update, @aleksandar10484. For future reference as well, here's the link to an article that lists down some suggestions to ensure you'll achieve video out signal via HDMI: