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GoPro 3x black does not take manual WIFI upgrade


my GoPro 3+ does not react as predicted to the manual upgrade proces of the WIFI-connection.


What I did:

- I used the "manual upgrade" sction on your homepage to generate a new Passwort for Wifi.

- I downloaded and un-zipped the upgrade on my computer.

- I re-formatted my SD-card in the computer

- O dragged the "UPGRADE"-folder on the SD card

- I put the SD card back in the cam and switched it on

- The camera was reacting as normal, no upgrade, no sign of any process.


I tried different SD-cards: No sucess


I found a lot of similar post out there describing this problem, but obviously some GoPro cameras simply do not react to the upgrade process...

Is there a solution?


Thank you in advance


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Re: GoPro 3x black does not take manual WIFI upgrade

Hey Phil,


I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with that update process. Make sure you are following the steps below and that the UPDATE is labeled "UPDATE" in all caps and has no numbers after it. Also make sure you are downloading the correct update for  your camera:


  • First, let’s reformat your microSD card in the camera with the “Delete ALL/Format” function in the settings menu.  If you're unsure of how to do that, read these instructions on how to reformat your microSD card in your camera.
  • Next, follow the link below to our online support article which provides step by step instructions to update your camera: Software Update Instructions for HERO3+ Cameras
  • ​Lastly, I recommend that you reformat your microSD card again in the camera so that you start with a fresh card the next time you use your camera.

That should allow you to update the camera.




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Re: GoPro 3x black does not take manual WIFI upgrade

Thank you for your reply. As I said, I did all those things already and it did not work.


Nevertheless, I found a solution:

- I downloaded the firmware upgrade AND the WLan-password-update in one package instead of updating the WLan-password only.

- After doing the firmware upgrade (and yes, the camera took it!), everything was ok.


It seems that the GoPro can not upgrade the WLan-password on firmware version 3.0.0, whereas on the newer firmware version it seems to work.


All the best