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GoPro 3+ Lädt nur wenn sie vorher eingeschaltet ist

Seid einiger Zeit hat meine GoPro 3+ Black das Problem das ich sie im ausgeschalteten Zustand nicht laden kann.

Details zu den verwendeten Komponenten

- GoPro 3+ Black

- GoPro Remote Control

- 3 Akkus alle von GoPro

- GoPro Supercharger die ältere Version mit 2x 2.0 USB Ports

- USB Kabel teils GoPro teils No Name

- Softwareupdate Firmware und Wlan am 20.07.2019 aufgespielt

- Hardreset 1x durchgeführt


Meine aktuelle Tätigkeitsabfolge zum laden der GoPro:

1. GoPro einsachalten

2. Supercharger in die Steckdose stecken

3. GoPro mit Supercharger verbinden

4. GoPro ausschalten

Dann leuchtet die Lade-LED auf der Vorderseite


Alle anderen Vorgehensweisen funktionieren nicht!


Gibts da eine Lösung


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Re: GoPro 3+ Lädt nur wenn sie vorher eingeschaltet ist

Hello @falks265


It is odd for the camera to not charge right away upon connection to the charger. Try this, remove the battery from the camera, then connect the camera directly to the Super Charger. See if the camera powers on. If it does, this means that there could be an issue with the batteries, or the battery connector within the camera. It would be best to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You may reach them by phone or chat through . 


Best regards, 



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Re: GoPro 3+ Lädt nur wenn sie vorher eingeschaltet ist

Hello Marius


Thank you for your responce.

I have tried your suggestion. I took the battery out of the camera and connected she to the charger. The power LED stayed out.

I think the USB port is looser than right after buying the camera. Maybe that could be a problem.

I tried an other battery in the camera and it was the same.

I have to switch the camera on and connected she to the charger. I checked the front display maybe 5 sec after the connection with the charger the battery sign in the front display shows that the camera will be loading.

Now when I switch off the camera the power LED light up. Then I can remove the battery and the power LED continues to light up.

But Problems continues the camera wouldn't switch on, except I remove shortly the battery.


I think the cam has be a good partner until maybe 6 years now. And maybe it is time for a new one.


Kind regards


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Re: GoPro 3+ Lädt nur wenn sie vorher eingeschaltet ist

Thank you for the update, @falks265. I appreciate you going through the recommended steps. Should you decide on getting a new camera, let our Support team know so they can look into options for you. The link on my previous post will direct you to the team. Best regards!