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GoPro サポートから折り返しの電話がない

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カメラ:GoPro HERO9 Black



カメラをライブストリームのウェブカメラとして使うために1月に購入して、問題が2月ぐらいに出始めて今までもそのまま続いています。問題のその1、時に画像の半分がフリーズしてカメラをOFFONGoPro Webcamアプリを再起動しないと治りません。その2、画像の下半分がなくなってノイズ(何も見えない画像)になってしまいます。その3、フロントディスプレイがフリッカー(チカチカ)しています。OBSを使ってTwitchでのライブストリームで使用していますので多くの視聴者がカメラの問題についてコメントしていますのでストリーマーとしてかなり困っております。DiscordSkypeでも問題が生じます。カメラのファームウェア、GoPro Webcam アプリ、スマホアプリ、OBSは最新版です。パソコンは異常がなく、USB接続はハブを使わずマザボードのUSBーCポートを使っています。カメラのファームウェアの手動更新をしましたが、問題がなくなりませんでした。




Case no. 09684887

Camera: GoPro HERO9 Black


I have tried contacting support through the form on the website, but I haven't received any calls for quite a long time, so I decided to create a topic here. 
I purchased the camera in January and started experiencing problems with it in February. I've been using the camera as a webcam for livestreaming. The following issues are still present:

1) vertical half the image occasionaly freezes; this issue doesn't resolve unless I restart bith the camera and the GoPro Webcam application. 

2) horizontal half of the image flickers and gets distorted and noisy; this happens for half a second and goes away on its own. 
3) front display flickers. 
These issues are pretty bothersome as many of my viewers notice them and tell me about them. However, the above problems are present in several applications (OBS, Discord, Skype). My PC is fucntioning normally and the camera is connected directly to its motherboard's USB-C port. I have the latest versions of camera firmware, GoPro Webcam App and GoPro App for iPhone. Previously, I was told by GoPro Support Agent to manually update the camera's firmware, but that didn't help. 
I believe this is a hardware problem and I would like to request either a return or replacement as I cannot use the product. 

Thank you for your time -- I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

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Re: GoPro サポートから折り返しの電話がない

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Hi @アナスタシア加0


Sorry for any trouble caused.

We see that an update has been made on your case.

If you have further questions or concerns, it will be best to follow up with Support through