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GoPRO Hero 8 Black - Stuttering footage

It seems as though when the footage speeds up (mountain biking) the gopro hero 8 black starts to display video lag, imagine a video game where you have bad latency. This happens on video playback on my computer.


PC Specs: AMD R7 2700x @ 4.0GHz, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB RAM, 3x 1TB Samsung NVME Drives. This should be enough to blow away anything I throw at it so I know my PC isn't the issue.


I purchased this bundle: and it came with this SDCard: which is on the approved list for GoPro Hero 8's.


My gopro is also updated to the latest firmware possible, no updates are available.


Can I get some insight here, or do I just simply need to return it to amazon?

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Re: GoPRO Hero 8 Black - Stuttering footage

Forgot to include the settings:

4k @ 30fps - HyperSmooth 2.0 - Superview with Protune settings

also tried 4k @ 30fps - Hypersmooth high with wide view and custom protune settings.
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Re: GoPRO Hero 8 Black - Stuttering footage

Hi @trailcentric,



Please upload the raw footage so that we can check. 


For the meantime try to reformat your SD card then install new camera firmware:

If issue persist consider changing your SD card.