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Re: Go pro hero session 5 crash: please help

@epicallyepic wrote:

@papajody You commented just to insult fishycomics? If you must correct grammar then make sure yours is also correct, such as vast majority. That's a complex expression vast is really not required then built in should also strictly be hyphenated. But I am sure you know that when your in the grammar and spelling police.



I never said I was grammer and/or spelling police, nor would I want to be!  I started statement with: "No offense sir...", but I guess your "sharp" eye missed that!  LOL!  (vast majority is fine, as it is in common usage -- built-in yes you are correct -- needs hyphen)


I have worked here solving several issues for members with @fishycomics in the last month or so.  Most of the time he really knows his stuff!  But I can also tell you that some of his posts are downright unintelligable at times due to missed words, poor structure, and/or poor spelling.  This can make things difficult in a support forum, wouldnt you agree?  <-- Especially for foreigners here using a translator! 




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Re: Go pro hero session 5 crash: please help

Don't tell anybody but I agree with you..Smiley Wink My post was intended as a light hearted attempt at humour but I forgot the humour.