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Go pro hero 7 not charging and doesnt turn on without a battery

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-The battery does not charge. The red light shows up but doesn't do anything. I feel like it slowly decharges because the red light is slowly decharging the battery (-4% after 2 hours)
-When i measure the amperage that goes through te USB cable "when charging" says 0amp.
-When i remove the battery and the SD card and have only the usb C connected it doesnt boot up, it only boots up when the battery is inside. Normally it was able to boot purely from usb C.
-when it is on with the battery inside and USB C plugged in after I remove the battery it turns off (even though USB C is connected).
-when it is on and it is recording with USB C plugged in and i remove the battery it keeps recording and doesnt turn of, now the amperage through the USB also increases.

this is not normall behaviour, I already tried nummerous USB C cables and charger blocks.
I've reset it, clean and format the SD card, change batteries etc. all the obvious but no avail.
I even bought a BETAFPV Bec board for a naked go pro which replaces the USB C port for power, to rule out the USB C port. This gave the same results.

There must be something wrong with the mainboard I am starting to feel like. It is only able to power on with the battery inside not from the USB C.
the only oddity being that when it is recording the go pro is able to get power from USB C
but then I have to first put the battery in -> boot it up -> start recording -> remove battery.

The goal is not to record without battery, I just want to charge my gopro through usb C again.

I have some technical knowledge so if someone knows that i need to replace a certain part i might be able to depending on the size.

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Re: Go pro hero 7 not charging and doesnt turn on without a battery

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Hello @bravewave2710


GoPro does not have repair options, only replacements.

Please reach out to our Support Team at

Please have your camera's serial number and proof of purchase ready.


Should you encounter any issue scheduling a callback or a live chat, please ensure that you are not blocking cookies and have your pop-up blocker disabled.




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Re: Go pro hero 7 not charging and doesnt turn on without a battery

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Thank you for the reply, I think im not eligable for any replacement since I have void the warranty (also I already had it for longer than 2 years so it didnt had any warranty to start with.) by opening up the camera to replace the USB C charging port.

I hoped that people from gopro might knew what the issue was, or could given another solution. 

Thank you very much, I think I need to charge the battery outside the gopro, and replace battery each time.

Best Regards,

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Re: Go pro hero 7 not charging and doesnt turn on without a battery

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My gopro will show the charging light and then shut off and the best I can get is 97%, it won't charge to 100% anymore.

Comon Gopro lets get this fixed.

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Re: Go pro hero 7 not charging and doesnt turn on without a battery

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Hello, @kevinm81407. Do you have a HERO7 Black camera as well? If so, make sure that the camera is charged using a recommended charger (with an output rating of 5V, 1-2A) and the USB-C charging cable that came with the package. If the issue persists, there could be an issue with the battery itself or the camera firmware. To further isolate the cause, do a manual update of the camera. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!