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Go pro USB intermittent, support at Australia non existent

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Go pro Australia, 


barely had this hero 9 for a week, found charging was abit weird, sometimes charge, most of the time does not.

found the USB C connector at camera end having intermittent connection. 

Pressure had to be applied on one side of the USB cable at the camera end in order to have it charge, it is clearly manufacturing fault

Connecting camera to PC via USB is impossible. 

Tried support chat to raise a case, can never connect

Tried call back, no call back 

Initiated return of camera, no reply. 


frustrated, Please assist, 



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Re: Go pro USB intermittent, support at Australia non existent

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Hi Jack, make sure you have the USB connection set to MTP not gopro connect. 


either way sounds like you have an issue with it charging so send it back for a FULL refund as a replacement is usually a refirb not new as you received and then you forfeit your refund down the track. 


i wish i never bought a 9 as its a shelf queen that gets evil looks every day and hate it - use the 7 all the time