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Re: Betreff: Go pro Aufnahmen falsches Datum

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Hello @guidor55


The date reset on the camera usually happens when the camera has not been paired or used for some time or if the battery has been removed.

Before shooting or recording, make sure that the date and time set on the camera are correct.


We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users.

This has been shared with the team.




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Re: Betreff: Go pro Aufnahmen falsches Datum

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Sorry @aragon1006 but this statement is not correct.


As you have probably read, this annoying behavior happens especially on vacation trips when the camera is in use every day.

Even if you charge the battery in the device overnight and connect it to the computer again in the morning, it happens that the date and time are no longer up to date.


Especially the missing time is extremely annoying, because you can't assign the pictures to a GPS track anymore.

This does not only affect the HERO7 black but also the HERO5 session.


For me as a blogger, GoPro is now completely uninteresting and I have already sold my first GoPro products and will switch to another manufacturer.

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Re: Betreff: Go pro Aufnahmen falsches Datum

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I have now also sold the Hero7 Black and bought a modular action cam.


Fortunately, after 1.5 years of trouble, this issue is now settled and the Hero 5 session is the next one to go.

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Re: Betreff: Go pro Aufnahmen falsches Datum

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So if those are the answers from the GoPro support, then I'm really disappointed !!!!!!!

It must be possible to solve this with an update!

If it is already known that these problems arise with the GoPro5 and 7!


And as I already described, the picture is made with the current date (checked by me!) 

with a date set back about 1 1/2 years. 


But again the question for the GoPro support:

What is your solution ???

How can we really fix the problem permanently ???

Or they always give incorrect answers as support because they don't dare to say:

"Destroy the GoPro5 + 7 and buy a new one ..... ??? Because there is no solution, is this your answer?

It must be possible to save a picture with the current and set date that I have the current GPS data. It can't be that I have to manually correct the date for hundreds of pictures ???


Please find a solution or a replacement camera that can do this. 

We have all paid a lot of money in relation to competing products!


 Two demands: A) money back; or B) exchange of the camera that can do this correctly!


I was once very enthusiastic about GoPro and therefore consciously bought a more expensive camera and accessories, unfortunately!