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Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

Go pro 7 black randomly turning on until the batt empty. The screen is off and the body is hot
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Re: Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

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Re: Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

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Delete the camera from the GoPro app if you have connected
Go to Preferences and Factory Reset.
Do not reconnect to the app
Be sure you are using a SD card from this list
Download the manual update to your computer by choosing, "Update your camera manually" here
Extract the UPDATE folder from the file to your computer
Using a USB/SD adapter, inset your microSD into your computer
Perform a FULL (not Quick) format of the card
Fully charge your camera's battery
Copy the UPDATE folder (not onto your blank microSD
Eject the card and then insert it into your camera
Power on the camera using the side Mode/Power button
Allow the Update to complete
Go into preferences>Reset and format the SD card
Perform a factory reset once again
Take two pictures and two short videos
Pull down on the LCD screen and make sure voice activation is turned off
Power off the camera using the side Mode/Power button
Monitor the camera for 24 hours and see if it is turning on randomly.

If it is, you should try another SD card from the list if possible. If the second card (or if you don't have access to one to try) gives the same results, contact the GoPro Support Team and let them know the steps you've taken (copy and paste this in your chat for convenience). 

If not, then it is most likely either voice activation getting triggered, or the GoPro app is turning on the camera to automatically download media for Quik Story. Go into the app settings and disable automatic download.