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Re: Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

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Hi @jeffreyf1236


Please make sure that your camera is on the latest version. It will be best to complete the update manually.

Other users also suggest that after charging your camera fully, remove then reinsert the battery.





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Re: Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

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I'm experiencing something very weird from last night with my go pro controls. I had a ride yesterday morning where the GoPro ran out of the battery. I plugged it in for charging in the evening and it started behaving weird, it automatically starts taking videos and stop and then start again. The shutter button doesn't work. I did reset the camera a few times, formatted memory card, even after browsing few forums updated the firmware manually but nothing happened.


* formatted the card

* tried new card

* manually updated firmware to 1.80



Nothing works, What to do now?

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Re: Go pro 7 black randomly turning on

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@maahmudur, please refer to my response on your other post.