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Go Pro changes to Time Warp on it's own during recording!

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I have now twice experienced a situation where the GoPro we use for a church service has changed into Time Warp mode on it's own while recording.  Today it happened 44 minutes into recording with no interaction with the camera (physically or with the app).  I have 44 minutes of standard/1080/30fps, then the last 10 minutes recorded as Time Warp.  It made the video unusable (Thank God I am migrating to a permanent camera that saved the day with it's footage)


Are there any logs in the camera I can review to see what may have initiated this change if it happens again.


I am on firmware 1.60 on a GoPro HERO8 Black.


I have performed a factory reset to try to prevent a re-occurance.



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Re: Go Pro changes to Time Warp on it's own during recording!

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As some of us  had a timewarp issue . remove bat insert press QC, records timewarp. pay no attention you     then say what did I hit...


existing issue, so if this issue wasexisting, and here is an addition to it, during a video mode swapping to timlapse mode/timewarp.  you will have to  replicate the issue and let the rep know here and they can simply P A S S it to the team and when over the  months down the road , with newer firmware , you have to hope thy fixed the Bugs and issues, all they say bugs and issues.  In the Notes they will list the Major issue or additions.


try to save the files, flash the firmware and factory reset the camera and keep an eye on it.