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Go-Pro black screen

So please don't laugh, we try to film something in the microwave with the go pro for 10 seconds, after we got it out of the oven the power still worked but the screen was black. Should I get a new one or like some topics say do a manual update and factory reset?
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Re: Go-Pro black screen

Why on earth would you think it was a good idea to put your camera in a microwave?  


Fact is your microwave probably fried the circuits in your camera or cause the Liquid in your LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) to expand and therefore blew your display.


You can try doing a manual update and factory reset but the chances of this fixing your camera are about 0%.


In future if you need to film something in a microwave... film from outside the microwave behind the protective glass (and I'd move the camera back from the glass due to possible microwave leakage). 


If you need something more artistic, get a 2nd microwave, take it apart, remove the magnatron and any other heating elements before placing your GoPro inside it.


If it's a non working microwave (which would be best), put your GoPro inside it and manually turn the drive by hand from the base (or work up a motor, you can put an older flash light bulb behind the microwave panal for that proper yellow look and film the effect of a "real microwave"


I would also suggest the following:


IF you need to film a fire, don't put your GoPro in the fireplace and set it alight.

IF you need to film a bullet strike, don't point a loaded shotgun at your GoPro and pull the trigger.

IF you need to film lightening, don't attach your GoPro to the top of a large copper pole during a lightening storm.

IF you need to film a microwave, don't put your GoPro inside said microwave and turn it on....


Good luck Sam Raimi!