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Go Pro audio problem

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And the audio still sucks! Im using a 3.5mm mic adapter bcoz it now works with the new update, BUT! It is very frustrating that you have to turn off the camera unplug the adapter turn it back on then plug the mic adpater for it to work and have an audio, and bcoz of this you cant use the quick capture feature like you just have to hit record button, you can record the moment but 100% sure you wont have an audio! Go pro needs to work on that or they just really want us to buy a media mod. And it sucks like when you are in a bike speeding at a 150kph and you wanna record with audio, you have to do the whole process and sure you will find your self falling on a cliff later.


since i bought my hero 9 black it has been a headache ive been a go pro user ever since hero 4 silver to 5,7,8 and now 9.

Please i hope you can fix this so you can give justice to your customers.