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Go Pro Karma with Hero 7 Black flew away

It’s my second day flying the Go Pro Karma that I bought three days ago. I went to an open park about an hour from where I live, all the updates and calibrations were completed. The drone was setup and ready to fly with my Hero seven, as it took off and i flew it straight up, as soon as I did, the drone started to drift a lot so I attempted to land it. As I did the drone took off at max speed in a direction I not pointing it. I tried running after it but it lost its signal to the remote, I drove around for approximately 80 mins trying to find it with no luck. Is this a common issue and if so what is the fix? Is there a way to track it? What steps do I need to take?
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Re: Go Pro Karma with Hero 7 Black flew away

I have been through the same situation last year.

Fortunately I have found the karma 1 km away in a garden.
I have sent it to GoPro and they said that was my fault.

You can try to look at the remote in last known location to see where was last time tracked.
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Re: Go Pro Karma with Hero 7 Black flew away

If the drone started to drift, it sounds like you did not have a solid GPS lock or you were flying in manual/expert mode which doesn't require GPS lock.  Flying without GPS in manual/expert mode would also result in the drone drifting.  Without GPS assist the drone is operates more like a balloon in the wind, it will go whichever way the wind is blowing.  Also if you're new to the drone, it's possible that there was an input errors.  It's also advisable to set up a GeoFence before you fly, that way if there are any errors, the drone will be confined by the GeoFence and will stay in a predesignated area.  You can also slow down the drone speed in the settings, that way if this happens again, you'll have more success following it.


As for recovering the drone, without a flight log to view, your best bet would be to work out how much flying time you had left on your battery, what the speed of the drone flight was and use those to get a max flight distance.  Then just keep walking in that direction hoping to spot it.  You can also put up a few flyers or a "lost" ad on any notice boards in the area.  If someone has found it, they can check the registration number you were required to put on the drone and track you down via the UAS section of the FAA website.