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Go Pro Hero 9 Update Issue June 2021

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Updating the go pro camera firmware is such a mess!. The app doesn't connect, if connects  it wouldn't update! Being a good brand among all action cameras i think there is some sense of responsibility to keep improving the user experience. I watched lot of videos on youtube and people are complaining over the same issues and you never resolve those... Why?


I tried updating the firmware from the android phone using quirk app. It connects and then when I touch update, It gives a rotating circle for infinite time; no update regarding what is happening in background! So I google to see what other have to say about the issues. Looks like there are two bands (5Ghz, 2.4Ghz) and someone suggested to move the setting to 2.4Ghz and then try again. I do the same but this time the app connects and when try to update, it says reconnecting!!!( just now it got connected right...!) and then some issue with the connection and another rotation displaying reconnecting!


after all the efforts, I feel that we can't update go pro latest firmware from app and that is something to bother about. That is not so PROfessional.


I read a lot of questions here and see that a similar question was marked solved where you give a solution to mannually update the firmare and there is a video to see the steps. I am not sure if we can follow same without a mac. However, In 2021 when people are working remotely, technology is so advance that we are running jobs on a real Quantum computer miles aways just perfectly, millions of applications are updating automatically;  you are suggesting customers to update firmware mannually. That is so naive.


I am not sure what are the actually limitation you have or the management constrains but the user experience on the software side is always have complains. Please provide some level of user experience or satisfaction on this regard.

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Re: Go Pro Hero 9 Update Issue June 2021

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You need to manually update your firmware as it looks like your device is randomly disconnecting and cannot perform the firmware update.  The firmware update can be done using either a PC or Mac.  In an age where people are running jobs miles away on a "real quantum computer" manually copying a file to an SD card cannot be that big of a challange.

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Re: Go Pro Hero 9 Update Issue June 2021

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@alphahelix, sorry to hear about the trouble updating your camera through the GoPro Quik. If the Over the Air (OTA) update fails to install, this may be due to either a wireless connectivity issue or the mobile device itself. Try to unpair the camera with your mobile device and pair the two devices again, then attempt to install the update one more time. You can also try using a different device. 


If you continue to get the same problem with the wireless update, using an SD card adapter, connect your microSD card to your computer and follow the Manual Update instructions specified in this article: