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Go Pro Hero 8 Boot Loop and Freeze

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I was adjusting my presets on my Hero 8, when the camera switched itself off. When I turn it on It’s now stuck in a permanent loop where the leds flash, the rear lcd screen opens and freezes on the first thing it sees, it then restarts on its own and this repeats and repeats and repeats.

The sd card is a recommended one and has no issues, I have tried multiple cables.

This is the EXACT same issue

I have updated to the most recent fw 22 September 2020.

I am a go pro plus subscriber so am happy to utilise one of my ‘replacements’

I have tried multiple times to contact GoPro the last two days and received no response.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Go Pro Hero 8 Boot Loop and Freeze

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Can someone please help me out

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Re: Go Pro Hero 8 Boot Loop and Freeze

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Hi @patchesjosh


Sorry for any trouble caused.
What SD card are you using? Please include the brand, type, and capacity.
How was the last update done?
If it was done through the app, we recommend doing it manually.
Please follow the steps on
After the update, reset the camera. Go to Preferences> Reset> Factory Reset


Let us know how it goes.
If it's still the same, please reach out to our Support Team through
Should you encounter any issue scheduling a callback or a live chat, please ensure that you are not blocking cookies and have your pop-up blocker disabled.
You may also try a different browser or go on incognito mode.



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Re: Go Pro Hero 8 Boot Loop and Freeze

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SD Card: 

SanDisk Extreme (UHS 3 / V30) A2 256GBSDSQXA1-256G-GN6MA


Last Update: done bymobile app

Manual Update: Attempted following the steps, but the camera is unusable and does the same thing. It is now effectively 'Bricked'


Can not use the camera at all to reset as the manual update failed. I am going to have to RMA this


I would like to make it clear that I have been using this GoPro since April and it has been ok bar the usual GoPro freezes and crashes that we have come to accept as normal for these devices.


I updated in September when the update was released and again I had no issues.


3 nights ago I changed my presets, the camera froze and has been stuck in this continuous reboot loop ever since.


Thanks for responding

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Re: Go Pro Hero 8 Boot Loop and Freeze

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Just for anyone else suffering from this problem this appears to be a known fault with the GoPro Hero 8.

The only thing you can do is RMA it and replace it. Then wait for it to happen again. Clever marketing from GoPro because now GoPro Plus is a necessity with this poor quality camera. Not impressed to be honest should have stuck with my session 5.