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Go Pro Hero 7

Is there any information when the Go Pro Hero 7 will come out ?

I plan a trip in september and I would know of it is good to wait for the new go pro hero 7.
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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

Hello @samvanbuggenhout


Thank you for your interest with our GoPro products. We do not have any information on it yet. Our website will definitely be updated when the time comes so please stay posted. 


Best regards, 


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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

GoPro released a hero 6 black Sept/oct 2017. . tehy released their HEro 5 Sept/oct 2015, along with hte Hero 5 Session, they Released their Hero Session ??? and their Hero 4 Black Sept /Oct 2014.  So you see the trend?  they used to release each year prior that.

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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

The Hero7 should be out in sept/oct. Howevere the recent rumors suggest that is model is hardware identical to the Hero6 and thus the only practical difference will be in the firmware and packaging...


Also, the HERO (2018) is hardware identical to the Hero5 and thus the Hero is only crippled by the built in firmware limitations!


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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

So we can just alter our Hero6 firmware supposedly and have a Hero7? Seems like they might make it a bit harder this time!

I do think it qould be ridiculous and a blatent attempt to save money if they use the same form again.

The only differences will probably be 4k60fps woth stabilisation and maybe 8k 30fps and 1080p 480fps.

If that is the case, and the camera uses the same GP1 chip then I will feel sinificantly ripped off with my Hero6 never being built to it's potential.
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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

There is an update here as Gopro has registered a new model number lately.


Looks like one of the upcomming GoPro cameras is designated SPTM1.


Further rumors from


According to this FCC report GoPro is getting ready to release 2 cams.


The 1st one is dark grey colored SPTM1(Version S) capable of shooting in 4K30, 1440p60 and 960p90 video modes. This camera has GPS feature.


The other one is light grey SPTM1(Version W), it seems to be something like a 'lite' version with video recording up to 1440p60/p30, no GPS.


Attached is a picture of the possible new user interface.

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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

Can we expect big performance updates this year?


Quite frankly I don't.


I suspect the GP1 chip will continue for the Hero7 as well. Or they will revert to a more advanced prosessor from i.e. Socionext which is not specficially tweaked for GoPro. Or Ambarella for that matter. They are still around in the Hero 2018 edition.

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Re: Go Pro Hero 7

i wonder what the score is here, because neither of those specs even better a Hero 6. If these get released its 3 lower spec camera's this year, & no new flagship model