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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

Hm - honestly, GoPro has now developed the eighth version of its action cameras / software. One should think that the feedback and wishes of the customers have been heard ?!
Instead, the HDMI port is removed, there is no external microphone input, the SD card is at least not removable for me without long fingernails or tools (knife, screwdriver ...). I have to pull out the battery every time ...

Some settings are also tricky ... Just the thing with HDMI as described here. If a video format only has Hypergboost on / off, the soft button cannot be used because it only switches between Hyperboost off and BOOST ... (Has anyone ever noticed this before?). The image stabilization tries to center the image for too long with fast movements and then to adjust with a jerk (which was not the case with the 7 series). Surely these are not new features ?!

In principle, I think it's great if there is a LABS firmware that has also programmed "gimmicks" ... but it would be even better if some bugs that have been around since the beginning were finally fixed!

The camera is a great product in itself and the top quality of the image alone compared to other cameras - do you have to ruin the product and customer satisfaction with such errors?

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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

there are now 5 pages of posts on this (more than 99% of other posts on this forum)....Surely that is enough to get it fixed???!!!

Any hardware people comment why it would not be possible to go straight to live mode? Surely it is just software right??? Fingers crossed for next firmware update

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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

Yes - Add my name to the people who want  to use the GoPro Hero 8 Black as a webcam connected to my PC


GO PRO -- THERE IS AN EASY SOFTWARE FIX -- Give us an HDMI streaming setting that we can select 


and don't make the screen go blank when we plug in the HDMI cable


if HDMI is plugged in

Default the output to HDMI


Just got my media mod and am so upset with this


After reading this forum, I got it to work by connecting it to my PC 

Firing up OBS as the screen viewer and then fiddling with selections to get video on the full screen, hitting record then stopping record. ... more fiddling to get rid of the battery icons.  Then I got clean HDMI out 

Then switched OBS off and started Zoom... whereupon I could stream from the GoPro to Zoom


So yeh - GO Pro

Are you listening to your customers?


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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

Thanks to this thread, I got streaming to Zoom to work from the Hero 8 black + media mod.   Firmware version 1.6


Fired up Zoom and started a meeting

Switched camera on

Connected media mod to the cabling setup as follows

   Media mod --> MicroHDMI cable -->  HDMI/USB converter --> USB 3.0 input to PC

In zoom, selected  video icon in lower left window  -- FHD capture option 

4 clicks on the side button of the camera

1 click on the top button of the camera


So I would still like the media mod to just default to HDMI instead of all those clicks....



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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

Just to clarify, see the picture...

In Zoom, you want to select as you video input FHD Capture

You will  then see a bunch of video recordings displayed as a matrix and some icons up the top


You want to select the camera icon shown  (that you will see displayed when you select the gopro as video input for Zoom

I had to click the right button twice till the camera icon was highlighted as shown in the picture

I then clicked on the top button to select it

Wait a couple of seconds and the battery and recording on screen display disappear and you have clean video

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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

If you click on this symbol(that I thought was a redeye button) the onscreen display clears and you'll get a clean hdmi feed, without needing to hit record.

2020-07-06 22_23_13-Movies & TV.png
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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod



This seems totally fixable through a software/firmare update.


I'm a brand new user who bought a hero 8 to stream among other things.


Changing the settings everytime HDMI is connected is pretty annoying.

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Re: Go Pro 8 Black HDMI out option using Media Mod

I justed tried using the Go Pro Hero 8 Black with the Media Mod for a clean locked off camera on a live broadcast.


I had to mount the camera where I wanted it using the Go Pro suction cup which worked perfectly as it always has


I plugged in the USB C cable to the camera so it would stay charged/ run off house power.


I plugged in the Micro HDMI cable to the Media Mod, screen went black. No problem becuase I have it directly connected to my switchboard. I walk over to my switch board wait for the awful Go Pro splash screen to go away and then I walk back to the camera where I press the button sequence to "Unlock" a clean image out.


Okay thats do-able but still garbage, It should really just defult to clean HDMI out or give me the menu option to force clean HDMI out.


But guess what...


Unlike every Go Pro before this one, when the media mod is connected and HDMI out is enabled the camera does not charge. The USB C does nothing. The camera instantly starts overheating and drains the battery within 20 minutes.


At this point the Media Mod is completely useless to me. Is this going to be fixed? Is the firmware going to be updated?