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Go Pro 7 black taking pink video

My GoPro Black 7 randomly will take a video or picture that is pink. It has happened 3 different times while taking 2k 60fps video. It will take perfect video then switch to this for a random amount of time. 

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Re: Go Pro 7 black taking pink video

Seems like a sensor error.

First, make sure you are using a recommended SD card
Download and install the manual update
Test to verify that the problem persist
If it is, contact the GoPro Support Team.
Be sure to have your proof of purchase handy (a picture of the receipt is fine) and let them know that you are using an approved card from the list (give them the make/model/size) and that you have run the latest firmware update.
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Re: Go Pro 7 black taking pink video

Yep Dan got that right the back of hte photo cell paper

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Re: Go Pro 7 black taking pink video

Hi @toughbluff5018,

I agree with what has been suggested. Typically, issues with the image quality in the camera will have something to do with the firmware. Also ensure that you're using a known-good SD card as previously mentioned. Reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: Software Update Instructions for HERO7 Cameras

If the issue persists, our Support team will be able to assist you with the next steps. Let them know about the troubleshooting steps already taken. You may reach them by phone or chat through

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