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Go PRO MAX QR CODE and losing WIFI connection

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Hey there everyone hello from new zealand !! 


im just wondering will there be QR code settings to live stream to RTMP  for GoPro MAX? 


as i noticed its only available for hero 8 and hero 9 


Also another issue ive been having 


i noticed while im live streaming to RTMP if it loses wifi connection or it turns off accidentally from low power when i restart it up again 

and try to reconnect to the wifi , it cant find any connection it says no wifi connection available when i go back to stream to RTMP on the app 

now to get it to find the wifi again i have to use my other phone connect through the app and it finds the wifi network straight away 

but if i lose connection on that , then both of them cannot find the wifi . 



is there any fix for this ?? 



Thank you



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Re: Go PRO MAX QR CODE and losing WIFI connection

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Hi @rayinthecityttv


Check out


Regarding the connection issue when doing a live stream, we have reported this to the team.

We'll post back once we have an update.