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Glitches in your video with VLC Media Player? It's the app, not the video!

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I received the GoPro Hero 8 Black yesterday and, of course, proceeded to adjust a few settings and shoot a short clip of my fat 77-year-old ugly self sitting at the porch table looking spiritual. I was very alarmed when I loaded the video in VLC Media Player and saw that there were serious glitches - after a few seconds, the moment a moving subject entered the frame (moi), the image shredded repeatedly. Once I settled into the chair, no more glitchiness.


At first I thought it might have happened because I had Hypersmootn turned on, with the GoPro mounted on a tripod. But before consulting GoPro support, I decided to upload the clip to my SmugMug photo account. Great relief - no glitches at all, and the video looked MUCH better than it did in VLC, allowing for the pathetic subject matter.


Just wanted to share this incident in case others may be startled out of their jockey shorts by the VLC Media Player behavior. If there's a VLC setting that corrects it, I'd love to know. I won't post the link to the clip, as there's already enough ugliness in the world.



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Re: Glitches in your video with VLC Media Player? It's the app, not the video!

Thanks for sharing, @runbei. Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!