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Get the best shot. Advice from a real GoPro professional

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Found on Reddit:

This advice is found in a comment by Christopher Farro on Peter McKinnon's YouTube video on how to get more out of your GoPro footage. I found it useful, so I'm re-posting it here for others that may be interested.

Hey Peter!! Love your videos!

I have a few pointers for you to get even better GoPro footage. I've worked at GoPro for 6 years on the media team, shot launch videos, commercials and led the charge on product marketing videos! enough horn tooting though...

So here are my notes:We shoot pretty much everything (like 99% of everything) on ISO Min AND Max set to 100. Having ISO at 800 is way too high and you will get that unwanted noise; you'll notice our website footage is very clear with black blacks, and white whites.

Sharpness Low.

We shoot everything with Protune ON but with the GoPro Color profile, not the FLAT profile.

Also, we NEVER use linear mode; it crops out way too much data. Shooting in 4K should help with the "action cam" look. Also, use optics comp in post or now premiere just offers "lens correction" for the GoPro lens and that is 90% to 100% as effective as going in and doing optics comp in AE but a bazillion times faster.

Happy shooting! You should also checkout "Abe Kislevitz" on YouTube and Insta. He is the true GoPro guru, started the media department at GoPro, and offers lots of great GoPro tutorials on his website and his YouTube channel.

Party on!
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Re: Get the best shot. Advice from a real GoPro professional

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Awesome find Daniel! Thanks for sharing.


Im always using the flat profile but i've started to think I should try out the gopro color profile. Reason why is that i have a not so good HD-monitor on my computer and struggle with color correction and grading because i just cant see the real colors correctly on the monitor. Should probably buy a 4K-monitor but those arent cheap.


I always use ISO 100 outdoors, for nightlapses ISO 100-800, indoors ISO max 400.

WB is always on native.


What color profile do you use?

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Re: Get the best shot. Advice from a real GoPro professional

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I used to try to color grade/correct everything myself and thought that I was getting better results this way. I would use Flat color profile and Native WB. This is true on the Hero3 which uses a different log value and makes these settings automatically when Protune is enabled. I continued this on important projects just out of habit and my belief that I was getting the most data out of my videos. For just family videos or when I'm out surfing or mountain biking I just used Protune defaults with a max ISO 800.

When Hero6 Black came out I continued the practice of reducing in camera processing for projects and using Protune defaults (with ISO 800) for fun recreation/family videos). What I've begun to realize though, the Protune defaults look really good. In fact, I've started just turning Protune off for recreational shooting. The videos still look great and the lower bit rate makes the files smaller and easier to manage.

I do reduce sharpness to Low when working on important stuff and I like to set the ISO and WB manually in most cases. I don't use Native unless I'm using several different cameras and I just can't manually get the WB to the right kelvin to match the others.

I don't like fluctuation in ISO so I usually lock it. Depending on the event, I often lock the shutter as well so I can control the motion blur. The Auto shutter seems to be a little faster than the 180-degree shutter angle rule on the Hero6 Black, which does reduce the rolling shutter effect considerably, but sometimes I want a little more motion and other times I like a very crisp frame by frame focused shot (like when filming in 1080/240) of a swinging golf club where I'll use a shutter speed of 1/1920. I use Polar Pro ND filters as necessary and I've been very happy with the results I'm getting.

When it comes to FOV, I use Wide 99% of thee time. I've been playing around with Superview more and I'm enjoying the results. I rarely use Linear unless I know the video is just going to be used for a Quik Story with the phone app.

2.7K is my go to resolution as most of my other cameras film best at 1080 and I can easily bring 2.7 into a 1080 sequence (I use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects) and have just enough extra frame around the sides to zoom/crop and manipulate the video without any distortion. If my project is going to be in a 4K sequence I'll use 4K primarily and 2.7 only if I need the 120fps. For family/recreation videos, I only film in 1080 as it's still a great resolution and it works well with the mobile and desktop Quik app.
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Re: Get the best shot. Advice from a real GoPro professional

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