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General unreliability of GoPro Hero 9 Black

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I was really looking forward to using my brand new GoPro Hero 9 Black on our holiday but will be returning it for a refund ASAP as it has been the most unreliable piece of tech I’ve ever owned.
I loved my Hero 3 Black which is still working after all these years and survived motorcycle crashes, diving under water etc so this is not about dissing the brand, but just for GP to sort it out before they lose more customers like me.
All received fine, first thing I did was install the latest firmware (v 1.6). I recorded 6 short vids of my son cycling. When I got back to the flat tried to load it on my phone and only 3 out of the 6 were valid. The other 3 showed a black background and seemed to have been corrupted.
I reformatted the memory card (the one that was part of the GP promo) and reset the unit to factory default. Tried 3 test vids and all seemed ok. Next day recorded 2 short videos less than 2 mins each, then got an SD card error, so had to format again (directly on the GoPro)
Did another 2 test vids and all fine, but then the screen started stuttering and then finally froze at a black screen and I can’t even turn it off now.
Ive only tried recording on 1080/60fps with linear+Horizon levelling. If it can’t get this right then how would it even cope with 4K?
Not to mention several times when the main screen/menu just stops responding and have to restart it each time.
Only way to describe the issues is similar than working worth a cheap imitation camera, not something I paid nearly £400 for.
I’ve lost some real good footage of my son which I’ll never get back.
I did a RMA request on the portal but did not receive any email or instructions yet. I then had to open a support chat to confirm that the RMA request was received. Agent told me it was and I would receive an email. Still nothing.
Poor communication and a poor quality product.
Come on GP, you should do better. I for one will not be buying another GP anytime soon.
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Re: General unreliability of GoPro Hero 9 Black

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Hi @niceshore74040


Sorry for any trouble caused. Surely, this is not the kind of experience we want you to have as a GoPro customer.

How was the last update done? I fit was done through the app, try running a manual update.

If you haven't yet, try the steps on NO SD or SD ERR on Camera's LCD 

Also, if you have access to another SD card, test if the same happens.


Regarding the return request, it will be best to follow up with Support.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through



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Re: General unreliability of GoPro Hero 9 Black

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Thank you for your reply.
I tried using it again today with an older 32gb as card.

This time it behaved a lot better and I was able to record multiple videos in cinematic mode.
Unfortunately it did show an SD card error when it was about half full but after I turned it off and on again I was able to keep recording.
The screen did become unresponsive twice so had to power off and on again. I’m unable to replicate the issue with the exact steps so appears to happen at random. When I mean unresponsive it means it wasn’t accept any input, neither swiping or pressing actions. A power cycle seems to be the only way to get it working again.
I am still going to return it due to the issues above. Maybe I just got a bad unit, so at least wanted to provide a bit more positive feedback.
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Re: General unreliability of GoPro Hero 9 Black

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Fyi I received the RMA details yesterday.
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Re: General unreliability of GoPro Hero 9 Black

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The issues you're describing could very.  well be related to your camera's SD card being corrupt.  Here's a video explaining the issue and how to best repair it.


DemonView GoPro Tips 18 SD Card Issues and Care - YouTube


What I do recommend is that you switch to using a Samsung Evo card in your camera.  I've suggested this to lots of people experiencing these issues and it seems to resolve it.