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General observation

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 I am working  - needed a camera for what they need me to do.  The boss bought his GoPro camera (said he paid a lot for it)   - demonstrated how to work it and off I go.    Initially the camera came on and recorded video - and photos. When I tried to get info off - I plugged it into the computer - turned it on - and -nothing.  The camera would not come on.  Had to google what to do.  Next after finally getting the camera to come on - oh yeah -  I have to download software and have to get "administrator" to load it.


 Yaay - phew! I can now move the files to the computer for editing? - Not with this software - it is not even barely the basic.


 Oh no! The SD card is not in there - yes it is but it is not.  It works sometimes and sometimes no.  Ok google again - yes it is known problem.  Gotta get the Right SD card. ........ Now I am set.


Maybe the software needs to be updated - Go-Pro says yes it does.  I update and at the end it says it did not update.  Chat with Go-Pro help - very helpful - we check and it did update - the message saying so was a lie. 

Ok off we go.  Record a few videos - short ones so I dont have to edit.  Moving on.  What"s happening?  The software will not come on - windows will tell you what to do.  Windows?- what do they care- the problem is with a exe file and GO-Pro has a work-around so the program will come up to see there is another update that I have to call the "administrator" for.  Reset the password every time I log on and I can get it to work for the few days I will take the administrator to get assigned the work order. 


My point?  I am frustrated with the entire tech industry - I am old - when I bought things when I was younger they were ready for the market.  It has been many -almost forty years- since computers came out and people allowed the reboots because the speed was such an inprovement. It was a mistake because now it is the thing to do - have an idea - sell it - then try to make it - get something out there - oops -here is a fix - nope - not for everyone- oh no that messed up soembody else - in a constant fix it mode until - we have updated enough - now your device is obsolete - what? It is only six months old! .  I am tired of it.  


This is not my camera - it is the company's camera.  I hope I can meditate enough to get me thru it. 

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Re: General observation

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Hi @myrac812


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. My apologies for any troubles caused. What is the model of the camera you are working with? How can we help?


Here are some links that may come handy: 

GoPro Tutorial Videos

Support Site


Alternatively, you may contact our Support Team via phone or chat for specific concerns on your camera.




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Re: General observation

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you don't need to use GoPro software at all, the video files are directly accessable from the SD card