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GPS trouble

I’ve had my Hero 5 for a year now and right out of the gate it worked great. The GPS and Quik worked great. Now I can’t get a GPS signal. I’ve done a manual firmware installation. Left the camera outside for an hour (no obstructions, was sitting in a wide open farm field) and still nothing. Base of camera was not on any object other than a tripod. Tried turning GPS off and on several times and did several factory resets and nothing. I am using one of the GoPro recommended memory cards also.I like to think I’ve exhausted the majority of the options suggested on here and as well as various other forums. I feel the camera may be defective. Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Re: GPS trouble

reflash firmware that should help clear out the issue? have you at least tried that?

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Re: GPS trouble

Yes if by reflash you mean download onto SD card and turn the camera on and let it go through it’s cycle...
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Re: GPS trouble

The same problem I have synonymous, the GPS is turned on but the icon remains gray! I have been out several times for more than 1 hour now, it always stays gray.

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Re: GPS trouble

Hello @sweetflame2208 @aliencopter


If the same happens after the manual software update, please contact our Support Team.

They are available by phone or chat.