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GPS gauges not available

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Running Quick on a MacBook, all latests SW releases...


Why is it not possible to display the gauges in Quick?

My vids have GPS data, checked with the telemetry extractor for GoPro and are unchanged. I have not been able on any of my videos to ad those.

Is it a bug? Is the company aware of the issue? Will it be fixed in reasonable time?


Why do I get the imperssion, that the newer cams have been put on the market too soon ?

Connectivity between Phone and Cam is unreliable, battery drains in no time and cloud upload takes time like downloading a song with napster back in 1998...

Many flaws and I still love my gopro...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Re: GPS gauges not available

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Hi @activestar81433


Currently, Quik for desktop doesn’t support camera firmware updates or telemetry gauges for your HERO8 Black camera.

We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users.

In the meantime, the GoPro App on iOS and Android can both update your camera and also add telemetry gauges as well.

You may also check this thread





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Re: GPS gauges not available

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Salut Ej


Thanks for the link and info.

I used the GoPro Telemetry Extractor before already, when I tried to figure out how to enable the gauges in Quick Desk and was not sure if the cam did record the coordinates etc. So, yes, this helped.

For all other links, mostly paied, I share @exchinacam20 's opinion. As I wrote above, it makes the impression, that the SW was put on the market too sooon and ressources at GoPro are not availabe in order to patch tose flaws in a reasonable time.


However, on the mobile apps it is working, I just prefere to work on the big screens...




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Re: GPS gauges not available

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Extra Extra read all about it ... no one remembers those days of news. gopro is not about news they are about not telling people  Please NOTE this on your site as you open the webpage



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Re: GPS gauges not available

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Funny. I do not have thei info / banner... So it's again not my "fault".... Seems German page is not synched with US...

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Re: GPS gauges not available

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You might already have seen it, since it's in the linked page, but with the (paid) GPS Quick Fix app you can enable the gauges in Quik:

GoPro GPS not working? Enable the gauges overlay with the GPS Quick Fix tool: E...