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GPS data accuracy

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I am using Gopro devices for AI perpose however Gopro GPS data dose not have enogh accuracy for my pourpose thefore I bought a blouthoth GNSS reciver to link to your gopro cameras. (


I found out Gopro can connect only to the gopro app and remote !!??


Can you please let me know do you have any plans to add this feature or should I look for altrnetive solution??



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Re: GPS data accuracy

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Hi @aben5


The GoPro camera connection is for the GoPro App and the Smart Remote.


We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users.
We'll have this forwarded to the team in charge.




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Re: GPS data accuracy

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You can log your GPS tracklog with a more accurate reciever, and then use Lightroom to link the tracklog to the photos based on timestamp. Then export from Lightroom with the new coordinates

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Re: GPS data accuracy

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The cameras are capable of linking other bluetooth devices, but the feature was remove from the app for the Hero8, not sure why:

Still, not sure what protocol the camera undersands, as I have never been able to get the data saved.

As mentioned, I think your best bet is syncing the data from your logger externally. You might find more informed opinions in this group: