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GPS Stickers on Hero 8

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I am just wanting to know whether the GoPro Hero8Black has those GPS "performance stickers" like some of the older models do. Like those stickers that you could put on your videos that gave an accurate speed indication, altitude etc.


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Re: GPS Stickers on Hero 8

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actually the mobile GoPro app has the feature to add those stickers.

I think the GoPro desktop app as my laptop is controlled by policies, I cannot use GoPro desktop app.

anyway I find 


GoPro-----wifi----GoPro app on iPhone - download to app (add those stickers) ---- save on iPhone Photos (with those stickers) ---- make a movie with iMovie ---- upload to YouTube


were handy.


if the GPS is recorded fine, those stickers are quite accurate.


just me,



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Re: GPS Stickers on Hero 8

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the guages of Quick Desktop and gopro App are where the Overlays are. the camera has the data to allow the stickers.

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Re: GPS Stickers on Hero 8

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There is a compatibility issue between Quik for desktop and the Hero8 / Max. A fix that will allow us to create performance stickers is expected. See here for more info: