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GOPRO7 BLACK - turns on, but no picture

I have used this gopro for a year without issue then a week after my last use its decided it no longer wants to work...


It turns on, but there is no picture (view finder) visible, just a black screen with the display HUD. The device doesn't recognise any attempt to take a video or picture etc. I can navigate all menus and have performed a factory reset but it has not changed the situation. Randomly while on the black screen it will change to fuzzy colourful screen at this point the gopro will become completely unresponsive and cannot  be turned off with the buttons.

I have checked and the software is up to date.


Annoyingly this occurred days after my warranty ended..


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You


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Re: GOPRO7 BLACK - turns on, but no picture

It is odd for the camera to suddenly not display anything on the rear screen. Thank you for the details that you provided, @harrwil, and for going through the recommended steps. If you contact our Support team, they will be able to guide you through the next steps. 


We have recently made a change in our contact method. To connect with Support, visit and fill out the form with the needed details. Once done, select "Contact Us" and proceed with either chat or a callback request. Be sure to put in your best contact number. 

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Re: GOPRO7 BLACK - turns on, but no picture

Ok, I follow that through.

Thank you for your response!