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GOPRO Hero2108 back screen not working

I have a gopro hero2018, it has been working just fine earlier today. I have just switched it on the front status screen is working fine, but the rear touch screen is coming up dull, you cannot see any of the touch controls or views through the lens. I have tried restarting several times but the problem is still the same. I have checked the micro sd card and its installed properly

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Re: GOPRO Hero2108 back screen not working


Hi @dpelli1952,


Please try to reset your camera to factory settings. 

After that install new firmware manually.


Here's how:


Click HERO2018 and follow manual update steps.




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Re: GOPRO Hero2108 back screen not working

The same happened to me. I took the SanDisk Ultra 64GB micro SD card out to view on my computer and when reinstalling it the screen was blank. I have followed the manual update instructions but still won't work. Pleas advise.

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Re: GOPRO Hero2108 back screen not working

Just an update, not good news. I spoke with Tech Support who saiid Sandisk ultra is NOT a recommended card for Hero 2018. I was told to get a recommended card from the list provided, then download the code for a manual reload of software, and do the manual load using the new card as per the GoPro support site. I purchase a Sandisk extreme card, downloaded the software to it and reinstalled to the camera. Net result it all loaded but the problem with the rear screen remained. I contacted tech support again and spent an hour being talked through the problem wit a helpful support guy. I even sen a video and photographs of the camera front and rear screens and eventually was told there was a hardware fault with the camera. They would only replace if I could provide proof of purchase, sa this was a gift from my recently deceased family member I could not provide this. Was told in that case policy was not to replace the camera ! I did mention it’s a bit hard to ask a deceased person for proof of purchase. The best they could do was offer me a20% discount (sic) off a gropro 7 .

To be honest I have found the whole experience traumatic and has left a bad taste to say the least. It would appear if you don’t have backup proof of purchase, and only if you have the no quibble replacement package, Gopro are not willing to assist. As far as I am concerned GoPro customer service policies stink. They are unhelpful and intransigent to say the GoPro a pray the camera doesn’t get a hardware fault ! So I’m stuck with a gift from my late relative that is no use at all as it doesn’t work through no fault of mine