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GOPRO HERO 8 some questions



I come from a GoPro Hero 3 White and turned into GoPro Hero 8 Black... So I see some great news. Anyway, I come from photography and some video stuff is strange to me.


But let me ask few things, which I can't find anywehere in the www.


1-.Is it worth to buy a USB-C 3.0 cable? I mean, the one which is placed with the camera i 2.0, and 4K clips are pretty big and then slow.

Do I really notice better working with USB-C 3.0? I've read that some users couldn't get into the camera with the 2.0(as me) and with the 3.0 they could... (I'm using an iMac).

What I mean is that I plug the cam to the computer, and because I can get into the camera with 'Finder' I have to do it through some other program like Photos. Will I notice speed difference?


2.-About Codec. HEVC is the H265? I'm using Photos to Import the videos and the edit on FCPX, which is my usual workflow with my iPhone so it doesn't make great mess to me. The main thing is that rendering GoPro videos in FCPX takes long life for every clip. I'm using H264+HEVC(Best compatibility) instead but I'm not sure if there's a better way. 

I understand that Photos doesn't render anything, just FCPX. It really runs out so slow and of course computer is more guilty in this, I'd like to have a better workflow and se if the camera can do something to get better married with my tools.



Thanks in advance!

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Re: GOPRO HERO 8 some questions

1- Is it worth to buy a USB-C 3.0 cable?

I think it's more about the drivers on your laptop and your USB sockets.  For instance with the supplied cable, I can't the camera to be recognized on a USB 3.1 Gen 1 socket, however on a USB 3.1 Gen 2 socket, I don't have an issue.  Camera is detected no problem as is the camera via the media mod.  


2.-About Codec. HEVC is the H265? Yes, HEVC is H.265.

It's it's all about speeding up your workflow though, the best and quickest way to work with footage is to copy it across to your computer first using an SD card reader.  Even using a good cable, the transfer rate can be much slower than using an SD card reader.  If you try to render directly from the camera, all you're doing is creating a bottle neck that will actually slow down your PC.  Storing your files on an external hard disk will also slow things down as usually cheap portable drives have slow transfer rates and read speeds.  Just because something says "USB 3.0" doesn't mean you're getting USB 3.0 speeds, it's just compatible with USB 3.0.  HEVC also require a lot more processing and honestly, unless you're producing ultra high quality files that hundreds of people are going to watch.......... why bother using it at all?  Same with recording in 4K.  If it's not going to be seen on a 65 inch screen......  you can drop the resolution.  The only reason I film in anything 2.7K or higher is so that I can crop or zoom the image if needed, but that's about it.  So as far as speeding rendering up and your workflow up, I'd aim to shoot based on who's going to view it, and not because the camera's capable of doing it.  


Good luck!