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GOPRO HERO 4 Silver - Cannot Pair WiFi - Cannot even switch Wi-Fi on!

I recently purchased a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver, my first GoPro, and I was very excited to finally have one as I have been meaning to get hold of one for years but have never really had the cash - it was a big investment for me so i didn't take it lightly. I am sad to say that I am so far disappointed with what I have received, although I understand it may just be a minor technical issue, I have found hundreds of posts on this forum and other forums internet-wide stating they have the same issue, and the response is usually just to carry out the instructions that are in place to connect as per-the guidance of the App. Also, on a side note, the 'Chat Us' page, by and large the most sensible way to try and engage with tech support, states it is open 24/ is currently closed...


Anyway, back to my tech fault. I have been unable to pair my GoPro with my Smartphone, I have followed the prescribed steps:

Enable Wi-Fi for GoPro App

  • On the front of the camera, press the mode button until you see "Setup".
  • Press the shutter button to select into the "Setup" Menu.
  • Press the shutter button to select Wi-Fi.
  • Press the mode button to scroll down to "GoPro App" then press the shutter button.
  • Press the "Continue" button in the app.
  • Select your camera from the list (e.g. GoPro 1411....).
  • Select "Pair My Camera".
  • Enter the pin number that is listed on the camera's LCD Screen.
  • Connect to the cameras Wi-Fi network.

However, firstly, when I switch the Wi-Fi on, and then return to the settings screen to check that it remains on, it instantly reverts to 'Off'. Further to this, when I proceed to select 'GoPro App' the 'Pairing' notification appears with a countdown timer but no pin, and my smartphone cannot locate my camera's Wi-Fi (presumably because it never actually switches on). 


I have already attempted the standard responses: Reset Wifi-Factory Reset - Try wifi without SD card - remove battery and re-try - Update and re-try -

I am getting increasingly frustrated with this, can someone please offer some advice, 


All best,